Highlights of bilateral merchandise trade between Vietnam and India in 2013 and updates for first 9 months of 2014

According to the Vietnam Customs Statistics, the total merchandise trade value between Vietnam and India in 2013 reached USD 5.23 billion, rose strongly by 32.7% in comparison to 2012. In which, export value was USD 2.9 billion, went up extremely by 61.6% and import value was USD 2.35 billion, increased by 8.9%. Notably, after facing with big gap in merchandise trade with India for 2recent years (accounted for 45% of Vietnam’s total export value to India), Vietnam has been in trade surplus for the first time in 2013. The surplus was recorded at USD 528 million

Vietnam Customs and Laos Customs concluded the MOU on bilateral cooperation in statistics and exchange of external merchandise trade statistics

According to Vietnam Customs’ statistics, from the beginning to September of 2014, total merchandise trade between Vietnam and Lao went up strongly 37.3%, to USD 964 million in value terms. In which, the total export value was USD 330 million and the total import value was USD 634 million with the positive growth rate of 6.9% and 61.8% respectively. Main commodities exported from Vietnam to Laos include petroleum products; iron and steel… and the commodities of Laos imported mainly into Vietnam include wood and wooden products; rubber…

Preliminary assessment of Vietnam international merchandise trade performance in August and the 8 months of 2014

According to trade statistics of Vietnam Customs, in August of 2014, a 1.6% fall in total external merchandise turnover of Vietnam (which reached US dollars 25.47 billion) was recorded as compared to the result of a month earlier. In which, exports were up 2.8%, to US dollars 13.27 billion and imports were down 5.9%, to US dollars 12.2 billion. As a result, there was a US dollars 1.07 billion surplus in Vietnam’s trade balance in this month.

Information about Myanmar Imports and Exports

Currently, foreign companies are not allowed to conduct direct trade in Myanmar. Therefore, if foreign companies want to export their products to Myanmar, they must seek Myanmar partners with import and export licences to distribute goods. Licensed foreign direct investment (FDI) companies are only to import, not export, materials for domestic production.

Great Opportunities for Vietnam Goods to Enter EU Market

Vietnam's gross domestic product (GDP) may expand 15 percent and its exports to the European Union (EU) may rise by 30-40 percent when the Vietnam - EU Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is signed. Vietnamese businesses are eager to enjoy advantages that the Vietnam - EU FTA, expected to be concluded by the end of 2014, will bring.

Opportunities for Vietnamese Garments, Textiles in Japan

Currently, Japanese people spend US$40 billion a year on clothing, but its domestic production can meet only 5 percent while the remaining 95 percent is offset by imports. Hence, Japan is a fertile market for apparel and garment exporters, including Vietnam. In recent years, Japan has repeatedly surpassed the European Union (EU) to be the second largest importer of Vietnam's garments and textiles after the United States. Although apparel and textile shipments to Japan do not hold a big market share, this is a traditional loyal market for Vietnam’s garments and textiles.

Vietnam Starts Importing Coal from China

Vietnam started to import coal from China in 2014. The General Department of Vietnam Customs said Vietnam imported more than 356,000 tonnes of coal from China with a total turnover of over US$92.5 million in the first nine months of 2014. This is unusual, as Vietnam has exported a large volume of coal to China every year.

Promoting Exports, Integrating Deeper into ASEAN Economic Community

According to Vietnam Customs’ statistics, in 2013, ASEAN was the third largest export market of Vietnam, behind only the U.S. and EU, with exports reaching US$18.47 billion. In the first quarter of 2014, ASEAN continues to maintain that position. Among investors, Singapore provided one of the largest capital investments (second largest in 2012 and 2013, third in 2011).

Cashew Nut Export Approximates US$324.7 Million

Vietnam’s cashew nut export reached 21,225 tonnes valued at US$133.51 million in March, up 63 percent in volume and 64.98 percent in value from the previous month. The country shipped 52,515 tonnes of cashew nuts worth US$324.68 million in the first quarter of 2014, up 21.7 percent in volume and 23.85 percent in value over the same period of 2013.

New Regulations on Rice and Tra Fish Exported to Mexico

All plant, animal and fish-based products imported into Mexico must comply with new quarantine regulations from July 29, 2014. Accordingly, all packaged goods for import must be in containers and secured on export pallets (Article 15, Section 4).

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