Garment & Textile: Risk of Losing Home Ground

Although the garment - textile industry has made a significant growth in recent years to prepare for the expected Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement, input production remains an unresolved issue when the vast majority of businesses are dependent on imported inputs.

Export in a Rush towards Year-end

With the increase in both prices and quantities as well as export markets of many key commodities, Vietnam’s export sector is attempting to accelerate to reach its target during the last months of the year.

Vietnam Rubber: Increasing Added Value, Boosting Exports

The Vietnamese rubber industry has a glorious tradition and a long-standing history tied to the cause of fighting for, protecting and building the country. That tradition was created and nurtured by the energy, sweat, life and wisdom of thousands of people across generations.

EU to discuss updating, strengthening trade defense instruments

To tackle unfair competition from dumped and subsidized imports, the Council of the EU is scheduled to debate a draft regulation at an upcoming trade minister meeting aimed at updating EU instruments, which have remained largely unchanged since 1995.

Anti-dumping tariff on Vietnamese pangasius unfair

The move goes against the spirit of free trade as well as the growing bilateral economic and trade relations and the comprehensive partnership between the two countries, Binh said at a regular press conference in Hanoi on November 20. “We affirm that Vietnamese companies do not dump frozen pangasius fillets on the US market,” he stressed.

Why India needed to stand up to WTO

The WTO’s objections over our grain stockpile do not make sense. Hence the July stand-off and the recent resolution India’s tough stance at the World Trade Organization over public stockpiling of food grain and its dispute resolution with the US is being portrayed as another instance of the trade brinkmanship.

Vietnam Logistics: 7 years after accession to WTO (2007-2014)

It has been 5 years since Vietnam’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO). For the year 2008 was the time of global recession, the logistics service industry in the process of integration, like other industries, has experienced “gains and losses”.

VIETNAM: in need of logistics centers

Logistics has appeared in Vietnam for the last 20 years. Although income from logistics sector is still low, around 2-4%GDP/year (around 80% possessed by foreign multinational companies), logistics has a rather rapid growth rate, around 20-25%/year. It is a must-have in manufacturing, goods circulating and distributing, and also a driving force for the stable development of sea ports, and sea-based economy.

Coastal transport: Taking the load off for road transport

A long coast North-South enables good coastal transport: the load of a sea barge or a ferry boat of 1,000 tons is equal to that being carried 50 heavy trucks and the load of a vessel of 30,000 tons is equal to that being carried by 1,500 heavy trucks. And thus, coastal transport -a solution to take the load off for road transport- is under consideration.

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